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   Conestoga Vizsla Club

Celebrating over 50 years of breed commitment

Welcome to CVC

The Conestoga Vizsla Club was founded in the early 1960's (c. 1963), by a small group of Vizsla enthusiasts in Lancaster, Pa. The Club's original focus was field training and the first CVC sponsored field trial was held in the late 1960's. The first licensed specialty hosted by CVC was held in the early 70's. 

Today, CVC has over 100 members residing throughout the mid-Atlantic region of the United States and beyond. We are committed to promoting the Vizsla as a dual dog, excelling in both the field and show ring. We also support Vizslas in many other areas; including obedience and agility, pet activities, and an active breed rescue program. 

Conestoga Vizsla Club is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 2018

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