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Attending and participating in a variety of events is a great way to have fun with and enjoy your Vizsla! Many of the events offered can provide good exercise in a social or competitive setting for you and your dog.  For more information on the types of events that most Vizsla's participate in, check out our detailed list of types of events and/or the AKC website.  There are also other types of events, not listed on our page that you can enjoy with your Vizsla.  

To learn more about upcoming Conestoga Vizsla Club events, visit our Premiums page, types of events, and our facebook page!  When applicable, the running orders for our field events can be found on the Premiums and Running Orders page.  When available and/or applicable, we post the results for our field trials, speciality shows, and supported entry shows on our Event Results page. 

Upcoming events

    • May 31, 2020
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Hog Dog Production

    Welcome to the 4th Conestoga Vizsla Club Dock Diving Day!!! This event is great for beginners who want to get their dog in the pool for the first time, or for more advanced dogs who are ready to try diving. There are two pools at the facility. One is for practice and the other one our trainer is in to help teach dog how to swim or dive.

    Hog Dog Productions                What to bring:
    470 Ski Ln                         Pop up tent (not much
    Millersville, MD 21108             shade at the facility)
    10 AM - 2 PM                       Chair
    Lunch served at noon               floatable dog toy
    please bring a side dish          
    or dessert according to alphabet chart

    A-F Appetizer/Dip
    G-P Side Dish/Salad
    Q-Z Dessert

    Please RSVP to Yovonne Baggott-Jones

    No humans except the trainer are allowed in the pool
    all dogs must be on leash except in the fenced in area.

Past events

March 15, 2020 Spring Specialty 2020
December 15, 2019 Holiday Party and Annual Meeting
November 03, 2019 Fall Specialty Show
October 18, 2019 Fall Field Trial- October 18-20, 2019
October 05, 2019 Fall Double Hunt Test
July 14, 2019 Fun Day 2019
June 02, 2019 Dock Diving Day
May 04, 2019 Spring Double Hunt Test
March 22, 2019 Spring Field Trial
March 17, 2019 York Dog Show
December 16, 2018 CVC Holiday Party & Pop-Up Training
December 08, 2018 Fall Dual Hunt Test
December 01, 2018 Fall Specialty Show (rescheduled)
November 10, 2018 Salisbury, Maryland Supported Entry Show
October 20, 2018 Fall Field Trial
February 01, 2018 Spring Dual Hunt Test
December 09, 2017 Annual General Meeting
December 09, 2017 Holiday Party

Conestoga Vizsla Club is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 2018

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