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Links and Documents to help you find a reputable breeder

Tips for Finding a Responsible Breeder

75 Ways to be a Responsible Owner

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Tips for Choosing a Breeder

Getting a new puppy is an exciting endeavor! A quick Internet search reveals hundreds of dog breeders who claim to be reputable. How do you know you are making the right decision?

Reputable Breeders DO:

  • Breed only dogs with sound temperaments
  • Health Test before breeding (OFA hips/Elbows, CERF eyes, Thyroid, and sometimes more)
  • Breed dogs OVER 2 years of age (minimum age for OFA testing)
  • Breed with purpose - to preserve and improve the Vizsla breed
  • Take back (or re-homes) any dog for any reason throughout its lifetime
  • Screen potential owners thoroughly to ensure a Vizsla is a good fit for the family
  • Buyers often must complete a written questionnaire before the breeder ever agrees to sell a puppy
  • Have a vast knowledge of the breed and any health issues in their lines
  • Belong to National, Regional, and /or local clubs (network of Vizsla breeders)
  • Whelp and raise puppies in clean, loving environments with frequent human interaction. 
  • Compete in one or more venues of AKC sports (show, field, agility, obedience, rally, etc)
  • Abide by the Code of Ethics of the National breed club and their local breed club
  • Often keep a puppy from the litter (often to own or co-own)
  • Encourage "pet" puppies to be spayed/neutered at an appropriate age and may be sold on AKC Limited Registration
  • Agree to NEVER sell one of their puppies to a Pet Store, Pet Dealer, or at a Flea Market (despite the fact that Pet Stores claim their puppies come from reputable breeders)
  • Agree to NEVER sell a dog to be a gift for someone else
  • Send their puppies home at 8 weeks or older with a written health record of vet visits, shot record, worming schedule, and recommended vet care to follow
  • Keep in touch with their puppies/new owners for a lifetime
  • Adult dogs in their home appear happy, healthy and well-socialized
  • Allow you to meet the dam  (mother of the puppies) and visit the litter.  

Reputable Breeders DO NOT: 

  • Have puppies available at all times or multiple litters at once
  • Have unkempt and/or overcrowded area where dogs and puppies are housed
  • Breed many different breeds of puppies
  • Accept credit cards and offer to ship puppies to unscreened buyers
  • Sell puppies sign unseen via the internet
  • Advertise "Champion Bloodline" puppies but never show dogs themselves
*If you buy a puppy from a Pet Store or a bad breeder because  you feel sorry for it, then you are supporting that store or breeder who produced it and are unknowingly encouraging them to breed more. 

Is the Vizsla the Right Breed For You

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