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Dock Diving

Dock Diving Photos

1 photo(s) Updated on: February 04, 2020

   Diving Dogs is a fun, exciting but easy to do sport with simple rules: You throw your dog’s favorite toy into a pool while he waits on a dock about 40 feet long. On your command, he runs along the dock, flings himself off the end of it, lands in the water and grabs his toy. The goal? To have the longest jump possible, which could be as short as two feet for beginners, but could be as much as 30 feet for those more experienced!

Taken from the AKC Sport's and Events page. https://www.akc.org/sports/title-recognition-program/dock-diving/

For more information on Dock Diving please go to The North America Diving Dogs page


Dock Diving pictures below!!

The Conestoga Vizsla Club puts on a yearly Dock Diving Day. Check back for upcoming dates!!!

Dock Diving Contact:

Yovonne Baggott-Jones

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